Consultants to the Food Industry

Sorensen Laboratories is an independent organisation that specialises in all areas of food technology and consultancy. For more than 35 years we have been assisting New Zealand and international organisations to successfully address a wide range of food and food-related issues, from product and process development, to product testing, safety, and claims and disputes.

Why Choose Sorensen Laboratories ?

35 years of experience
At Sorensen Laboratories, our clients benefit from more than 35 years' experience. You'll find this experience enables us to bring a very focused, thorough approach to your project ensuring all areas are correctly addressed. We are able to identify important issues quickly, and develop effective solutions accordingly. In many instances, our experience enables us to anticipate problems before they arise, and develop effective solutions that save you time and money.

Total project focus
Because we work on a project by project basis, we are totally focused on your assignment ensuring you get the best results in minimal time. Strict project management, an ability to work to deadlines and interim reviews, means we'll bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Hands-on philosophy
We balance extensive scientific knowledge with broad hands-on manufacturing experience. Our team has worked across many industries and knows how to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in to deliver results, reduce costs and optimise your profit.

Commitment to innovation
Practical experience, scientific knowledge and a commitment to staying up with the latest developments means we bring a high degree of innovation to each new project we undertake. Our independent status and scientific approach enables us to bring a fresh perspective to problems previously thought too expensive or difficult to solve, resulting in cost effective solutions.

Excellence in customer service
Our aim is to not just to complete the task at hand successfully, but to build an enduring, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. We believe before we undertake your project, we must first get to know you, your organisation and your objectives. We view open communication and your feedback as vital to project success, and are committed to working closely with you and keeping you informed each step of the way.

Contact Information/Email

Sorensen Laboratories
57A Krippner Rd, Puhoi ,
PO Box 404129, Puhoi 0951
Rodney District, New Zealand


Phone: + 64 9 422 0441
Mobile: + 64 21 706 034
Fax: + 64 9 422 0449
Torben Sorensen Director

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